I’m a highly ambitious & performance driven budding professional with a constant urge to develop a strong work ethic, foster a personality that breathes motivation, positive attitude to change and maintains a work-life balance for high productivity.

I’ve crafted my professional journey to align with my passion and long terms goals in life. As a civil engineer, I’m dedicated to become a medium to create sustainable living spaces that complement the built environment. I’ve worked on exploring and gaining experience in green building technologies throughout my undergraduate years .

As a project manager, my goal is to influence outcomes by influencing people & organization behavior. I’ve developed an acute interest in systems thinking that has empowered me to complement my technical skills with a management approach that allows me to identify inter-dependencies and  relations to leverage project success.

I’m someone who thrives on change & challenges in order to stay relevant and adaptable in this fast-paced environment but also focused and patient to persevere through the learning curve. At last, my goal is to spend my best days doing world-class work that contributes to the society & industry in a meaningful way.


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                    Expert                      Problem                  Champion                 Strategic          C  Communicator                  Solver                   For Change                 Thinker


– Moved to India and currently working with my family business in Real Estate & Retail. Additionally, researching Early Education Industry in India and conducting market study to identify opportunities for engagement.

– Completed 6 months Internship at Spectra Qest as a Project Management Intern.

untitled Lead & Implemented “Project Outreach” on behalf of PMI Adelaide Chapter, to introduce project management concepts as life skills to school children across Adelaide. Watch the video here:

– Winner of STARTUP WEEKEND, Adelaide held at Flinders University1st_prize1-1 for a unique business idea, standing 1st from 100+ participants judged by founders & leaders from VINOMOFO, UBER Australia, etc.